Exciting Reasons To Start Skydive

SkydiveWe want a little adventure in life and one sport that can give the thrill many of us are looking for is sky diving. Although this activity doesn’t require a lot of effort, there’s a good amount of discipline and some physical activity involved. While there are lots of other extreme sports, there is nothing as amazing as skydiving. Here are exciting reasons to start sky dive.

Anyone can Enjoy Skydiving

Anyone can enjoy sky diving regardless of their age. As long as you don’t have a heart condition or physical disability that could cause problems during the dive, you can skydive. Some families partake in skydiving activities and purchase packages designed for the whole family. You can learn how to make formations and how to break it as well as how to successfully land. This is also a great way to train aspiring competitive skydivers.

Low Fatality Rate

Skydiving has less than one percent fatality rate. Almost two million jumps are done every year and only thirty-five fatalities are recorded. Those incidents are usually caused by not following jumping procedures. The low fatality rate is due to safety equipment, safety precautions and extensive training that guarantee a safe landing.

Freestyle Skydiving

If you are looking for more excitement, you can engage in freestyle sky diving. You are free to do acrobatic moves. The overall concept is similar to extreme sports such as freestyle skiing. You can join skydiving competitions and show off your moves.


Sky diving adventures are offered at reasonable prices. A lot of air yards provide sky diving. You can also choose from different instruction companies. If you are looking forward to an exciting weekend activity with your friends or family, joining skydiving activities is one of the best choices you have. As the adventures are very affordable and there are many instruction companies to pick from, you’ll surely be able to enjoy this sport without breaking the bank.

Solo or Group

If you want to skydive alone, you are free to do so. Skydiving can also be done in groups. Some couples choose to exchange their vows in the sky. Others choose to sky dive to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays. Some engage in skydiving just to experience how exciting this sport is. There are packages available to groups and individuals who want to sky dive. Packages for groups may come with discounts to help you save money.

Improve Your Skills

Skydiving is a sport where you can begin and remain slow for as long as you want. If you think you’re not yet ready to take it to the next level, you don’t need to do it. Over time, you’ll be able to do a few flips and jump on your own.

Safety Equipment and Training

The first dives are done either bound or harnessed to an instructor. Before the jump, participants are trained and given the necessary safety equipment and proper instructions. There’s always backup equipment to ensure everyone’s safety.

Why Enroll in Skydiving Classes?

You cannot jump out of the plane unprepared. Enrolling in skydiving classes is a must. You need to remember that there’s a small amount of risk associated with this sport, so lessons are really needed. It is possible to get your skydiving certification fast, depending on the skydiving methodology used and your instructors. You might even get your certification in as fast as two days.

Pay attention to your classes and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there’s anything that is not clear to you, ask your instructor about it right away. There’s nothing insignificant discussed in these classes. You’ll learn how to use the equipment and hand signals so that you can communicate with others while in the air. All important information will be covered in these classes.

Once you’ve learned how to use the equipment and how to handle yourself while skydiving, you’ll feel more confident than before. You will also be more prepared to jump out of the plane. Remember that preparation is very important. Skydiving can be fun, but going without learning the necessary safety precautions can be extremely dangerous. With the right number of classes, you’ll be more than prepared to experience the thrill of skydiving.

It takes more than a bit of mental training to be prepared to jump off a plane and fall at speeds beyond one hundred miles per hour. No one also expects a first timer to start doing amazing flips as soon as they jump out of the plane. The first jump is normally done harnessed or bound to a coach or what is referred to as tandem skydiving. This allows you to try what skydiving is really all about. After the first time, this sport becomes addictive that you’d definitely want to come back for more.

There are many exciting reasons why you should start skydiving. Aside from being a sport with a low fatality rate, skydiving is also unique. Enroll in a skydiving class and experience what this sport has to offer!